The History of the Company

Minersunited established in 2011 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that share a common goal which is making money through online currency trading while having the same ideology in believing in the future value of cryptocurrencies. Having the experience needed, we aim to help people around the globe to grab the mining opportunity the world has to offer while the cake is still hot!

Forming a close community, we got our first altcoin laboratory later converted into a farm in West London in 2012 after successfully raised ‎£10,000 funding. Having expertise in trading cryptocurrencies especially in buying cheap and selling high alternative coins, we now have several mining farms in high-altitude developing countries, for their low labour costs, renewable hydro-energy and low operational costs.

We have come up with a perfect plan for everyone who have no thorough technical experience in cryptocurrency to participate with us in mining and trading so we could to reap its great rewards together.


0.05 - 5 BTC

100 days 2% daily

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